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Episode Summary: Shyam Kamadolli, Managing Partner of Alumni Venture Group’s (AVG) Blockchain Fund, is in a unique and specialized position. Through a series of career moves, he picked up a background in cryptography before becoming a venture capital investor focused primarily on early stage technology companies. When the value of Bitcoin began to increase, Shyam got interested and leaned on his crypto expertise to look at potential VC opportunities in the blockchain space.

Now at AVG, this merging of skillsets enables him to sift out the best of the blockchain businesses with a focus in a specific area that other investors may not be looking at. With his help, potential blockchain investors do not have to understand the technology all that well to get involved. They just have to trust that the Investment Committee, under Shyam’s direction, knows what they’re doing. In this podcast, he explains a few key terms, plus shares how he is picking the best entrepreneurs doing the most innovative things in order to maximize the value of the Blockchain Fund.

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