We are a Blockchain/Crypto VC firm

Applied Crypto Ventures is a specialized venture capital firm.  There are many so-called "crypto investors" out there but we are different, in that we are blockchain and cryptography focused technology VCs.  

What we like

We seek "backable" teams and technology rather than token economics
  • The investment team at Applied Crypto Ventures brings decades of experience as VC investors and deep sector expertise across several domains which is directly applied to how we pick our investments.  In other words, we use a Venture Capital lens for evaluating investment opportunities rather than what is generally prevalent in "crypto deals".
  • Team, product, market, deal dynamics matter more than "tokens" do.
  • We prefer technology-based businesses rather than technology-enabled businesses.
We are almost never first money in the round
We invest via equity and/or tokens via pre-sale/SAFT/SAFE/SAFTE/TEC agreements
We invest $300k USD to $1M per deal
When we like something, we move fast

What we don't

public-sales ("ICOs")

tokenization of assets/funds

security tokens


blockchain powered marketplaces

peripheral businesses (mining, lending, accelerators, advisories, etc.)